Why digital nomads and expats like to try out coliving

What is the difference between a digital nomad and expat?

A digital nomad travels freely while working in different countries by using their laptop.  They are location-independent and with the help of technology able to work.

Expats are often professionals that leave their home country to work in another country. Often living temporarily abroad.

Thailand digital nomad

In recent years, the trend of coliving has become increasingly popular among digital nomads and expats. Coliving involves sharing living spaces with other people, typically strangers, with whom you share common areas, facilities, and sometimes even meals. This lifestyle has gained a lot of popularity among those who travel frequently or work remotely because it offers a unique blend of community, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. In this blog, we will discuss why digital nomads and expats like to try out coliving, what they can learn from it, and how the coliving community can help them achieve their goals.

Why Digital Nomads and Expats Like to Try Out coliving?