Blog – 4 Reasons Why Coliving Is The Right Lifestyle For Me

4 Reasons Why Coliving Is The Right Lifestyle For Me

A shared living lifestyle; being surrounded by a community of open-minded, adventure-seeking people. Working professionally but also remotely. You might be wondering if this way of life is suitable for you. 

How will you know if the concept of a shared lifestyle fits you as an individual? To help you make up your mind, we have collected some information on coliving, its benefits and why other people choose to live abroad with a community around them. Here are 4 questions you can ask yourself to see if you would like coliving:

1. Do I want an all-inclusive bill and extras?

Renting an apartment on your own can be expensive compared to what you get. You often don’t get a good value for what you’re paying. The options available and those you can generally afford are small studios where you can touch the walls with outstretched arms. However, we often settle for it as our need to live abroad is much higher than living comfortably. Still, there is a new lifestyle trend growing amongst remote workers. 

With coliving, you get your private room where you can work, relax, and watch some Netflix. Often enough most private rooms come with an en-suite bathroom. But the best part is, when you walk out the door, a whole world of diverse people is waiting to connect with you. Whether it’s on your rooftop bar, coworking area, in-house cafe, or while playing ping pong in the game room, you’ll never have to feel alone and your home abroad has become a paradise for young travellers rather than a small box to sleep in.

Now you might think sure, who doesn’t want to live like that? Well, yeah, everyone does… AND everyone CAN. The cost of water, electricity, maintenance, and sometimes even cleaning is often included in your monthly bill, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected charges. While having all these amenities, services, and cool chillout areas in your home might cost you a fortune on your own, since you are basically sharing your “lifestyle” with others, you are also sharing the bill (jackpot)! And with still pursuing your career and working remotely, you won’t have to travel using your savings, luckily.

And we know, we know… the best way to find out if you can even afford coliving is by looking at some examples, so here are a few coliving spaces with pretty cool amenities, rooms, and services.

Remote.Digital – Thailand

This Queen room in Koh Phangan, Thailand, is perfect for beach lovers. Do you see yourself working by the ocean, sipping a cocktail, and sitting in the warm sun during your break? Well starting from just €230/month, this can be your life. Remote Digital offers an oceanfront campus with a variety of rooms for you to choose from. With a bundle of outdoor activities, you’ll never feel bored. A coworking facility is also available within the accommodation.

Zoku – Vienna, Copenhagen, The Netherlands, Paris

Another illustrious coliving accommodation is Zoku, a bit more of a luxe and comfort provider. They do, however, offer the coolest amenities. They have their in-house restaurant, and rooftop terrace, including a bar with views over the big cities, they host multiple events during the week and their rooms are huge! I mean, you have a TV, couch, and dinner table, it’s essentially a house within a room. This place has prices starting from €2828/month, which is a pretty good deal considering everything is included and the experiences you’ll gain are priceless.

2. Do I thrive on social interaction?

Do you like the security of having others around you and desire a lifestyle of experiences? Coliving goes hand in hand with community living. Each person living in a coliving space is looking for the same thing; a place to focus and be productive while creating experiences, meeting new people, seeing the city or exploring the area, and having fun with other colivers. You can say farewell to always eating dinner alone and spending each and every night watching Netflix on the sofa. In coliving, you are with others and interact with them as much as you need and want. Whenever you need some alone time, you can always retreat to your room and have some you time. The coliving manager organizes weekly events, which are free to join. And of course, we are here to guide you through some coliving events we think you might love.

Sun and Co – Spain

Coliving and coworking at Sun and Co. help you grow professionally and personally, besides, of course, catching a tan and some waves at the beach. Each week, you’ll have the chance to join different skillshare sessions and masterminds so you can learn new things, network, and work through challenges. Living and working with a diverse group of innovative, location-independent professionals opens your mind to new ways of thinking.

UKO – Australia

At UKO, you’re genuinely coming home. Instead of being invited to sit at a table, you belong at the table. In the courtyard, many little gatherings happen spontaneously. Ready for a ping pong showdown, a pretty intense giant Jenga game, or simply working out with a group of fit people?  UKO is the place to be.

3. I love trying out new things and being innovative

You’re an innovator, and you seek new things so you can live your unique life to the fullest. Your imaginative and creative spirit can’t get enough of seeking out adventure, people, and, most importantly growth. You live for smart design and believe that less is more. You want to live life and not only own nice things. You are the perfect candidate for working remotely because you seek personal growth, are ambitious, and creative and always have your laptop with you. 

“In an increasingly digital world, co-living can help to boost self-esteem by creating a tangible sense of community. We are sociable beings, and it’s valuable to feel connected and appreciated while also being able to close the door and have our own space when we want it.” – Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman

4. I value freedom and safety in living

While searching for a coliving space, there are thousands to choose from all over the world. If you want to live in a big city, at a vineyard, next to a farm, or next to the beach, then Coliving is the way to go. If you are really into surfing, for example, Pipedream in Portugal is the operator for you. They have coliving houses at popular surf locations around the world. Are you looking for a place where you can truly be one with nature? Then check out Pandora living in Colombia, a small provider located at the heart of Envigado run by two brothers. Have a canoe trip through a cave, hike through the forest, and visit nature’s pretty sights. 

Regarding your safety; all guests and staff are screened, and there are often CCTV cameras throughout the facility. Also, having other colivers around the house 24/7 will increase your feeling of security, especially in a foreign country. In co-living environments, everyone supports and helps each other, with many colivers saying it’s like second nature. You can always contact your coliving provider for details regarding your safety.

At a coliving community, you will fit right in. Most communities consist of open-minded people who welcome anyone regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. What can be more fulfilling than that? Being accepted without hesitation!

If you’ve nodded your head reading this blog and said yes to the questions above, then what are you waiting for? Coliving is definitely suitable for you, go-getter! 

Contact for any questions regarding a stay or booking a coliving space. You can tell us your wishes, needs, and preferences, and we will personally help you find a coliving space that fits you seamlessly.