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YGL is an independent platform that was launched in May 2020, featuring not only coliving spaces but also jobs and social enhancements worldwide. YGL aims to redefine living by creating a world without borders, providing complete freedom to decide where you want to, live, work and socialise, all from one platform.

Coliving isn’t new, it is a type of shared-housing concept where like-minded people live together, have their own private bedrooms and share communal areas such as the kitchen and living room. What makes coliving different from shared-housing is that it comes fully furnished, is all-inclusive, and you can rent a coliving space for short stays and long stays. Some coliving spaces come with a coworking space, gym on location, and more.

What makes coliving even more special, is the community and family feeling you get while living together. Coliving fosters community, social events and bonds between like-minded people, which makes you feel at home where ever you go.

Every coliving home is different, but one thing is certain, all rooms are fully furnished, and include all utilities cost in the rent. You can see a full list of what your room will include on the coliving home pages.

Joining YGL is simple and free! Create your profile and find coliving homes and jobs worldwide. By joining YGL’s family you become part of a bigger community, find activities and see reviews and stories of other travellers/colivers.

If you are a coliving operator and you want to offer your coliving spaces through YGL’s platform, please email us at

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