Blog – Work and live on the Spanish coast with Sun&Co

Work and live on the Spanish coast with Sun&Co

It’s a dream for most of us; working remotely outside in the sun by the beach. It seems so far away, yet it could be a reality with Sun and Co coliving in Javea, Spain. 

It is the first coliving and coworking community on the whole Mediterranean Coast. Here you will find freelancers, entrepreneurs, local independent workers, digital nomads and anyone looking for an unforgettable experience abroad. Read on as we take a deep dive into Sun and Co after speaking to some team members to show you what a true community is really like. 

Best coliving community of the year

With winning ‘Best Coliving Community and User Experience’ at the 2021 Coliving Awards and being one of the leading European coliving – coworking spaces, it is no wonder the people that come into this community leave this place more fulfilled, relaxed and grown professionally and personally. Each week, you’ll have the chance to join different skillshare sessions and masterminds so you can learn new things, connect professionally and work through challenges.

“Our goal from the very beginning was to create a place where people could bring work and leisure to a balance. Ultimately, to learn how to work smarter to live better. To provide our guests with a deep personal connection with the rest of the guests and ourselves – the hosts. Sun and Co. is not only about productivity or comfort. It is not just a place to focus and relax. We truly think it is a place to also rethink and, on the way, find happiness”.

Every Monday, a Family Meeting is organized, and an in-house community gathering is called to plan professional and social events for the week ahead. It makes us more focused and motivates us to explore new things, create new experiences, and connect with each other. And the most amazing part? The guests get to choose the plans for the week themselves. Want to have a creative session, movie night or a community cookout? Simply drop the idea during the meeting and the team is on it! The fact that the team really seeks to connect with you personally shows in their blog series “Meet the Colivers”, where they break down their experiences and who they are. They truly invest in each of their guests to ensure an optimal experience. When we hosted an IG live with their team, they even took the time to say hi to one of their guests joining in.

“Sun and Co is magical! Yes the town and house is wonderful but it’s the hosts and the colivers who make this a transformative experience every time”.  – Treasa Spragg

Make the Spanish coast your new home

With a desire to impact the lives of others, founder and CEO Edu decided to renovate his grandparent’s 19th-century house and create a coliving space for location-independent workers. Since 2015, the team’s mission is to impact people through coliving experiences that foster personal and professional growth, bringing together a diverse group of like-minded remote workers to connect and grow.

With private rooms starting from €40 per night, varying in private or shared rooms with everything you need to live comfortably, you have the freedom and flexibility to experience new things, people and local culture. With over 200 sq meters of common spaces to sit back and relax, you’ll have your choice to disconnect. Take time to read a book or engage in a meaningful conversation in the living room, or chill out patio or foyer.  After logging off from work, guests love to come together in the kitchen to cook meals, have a chat during dinner and really wind down from a busy day. You’ll learn how to work smarter and live better as a young professional.

Explore Javea in Spain like a local

Xàbia or Jávea is a coastal town in the comarca of Marina Alta, in the province of Alicante, Valencia, Spain. The town has become a very popular small seaside resort and market town. Half of its resident population and over two-thirds of its annual visitors are foreigners.

Located between Valencia and Alicante, Jávea is a dream Mediterranean beach destination. The lovely people of Sun and Co offer you bikes to explore the scenic nature and hidden beaches around Javea. With the sea within walking distance and an impression of time moving slower… there’s not much to worry about.

The oldest area in Jávea was once enclosed by walls; you can still spot remnants of these fortifications. The streets follow an irregular layout that has survived since the middle ages. You’ll find whitewashed walls with the local golden “tosca” sandstone, such as the 16th-century church constructed in the Valencian Gothic style. This and the lovely old houses give this town its cosy vibe.

Feeling like going for a hike? Take the CV-736 road towards Dénia. Bring a good pair of walking shoes, some lunch and prepare yourself for a beautiful view. Javea is known for its natural scenery, like the hike from Crux del Portixol to the tranquil Cala Barraca.

Team members Silvia Shiavinato and Iva Kopf mention that countless people chose to move to Javea after their coliving trip because they have “fallen in love with the area”. 

Coliving is about more than just travelling to a new place. It’s about sharing unique moments and experiencing life with like-minded individuals. When you live and work under the same roof as other professionals who value a better quality of life, balance is possible. Living and working with a diverse group of innovative, location-independent professionals opens your mind to new ways of thinking, working remotely, and travelling on the road. You’ll connect better with others that want to see you grow on a deeper level. Welcome to the new norm.

Share meals, engage in deep conversations, and explore the coast of Spain. Welcome to your new lifestyle. Be sure to check out our live session with the ladies on our IG account and to check out more about living at Sun and Co on our coliving platform!