Our Story

Once upon a time, Young Global Living, aka YGL, was nothing but an idea in Oscar’s head. Oscar, our CEO, was then the Managing-Director of Short Stay Citizens or SSC for short. This is our sister company, founded in 2015 by some entrepreneurial friends. Sis is an online travel agency for serviced apartments for corporate clients.

Oscar wanted to add some of SSC attributes into YGL. And so he rounded up his founder-friends once again and devised a grand plan. Some time went on, and the founder-friends were busy meeting and talking to the right people. Doing this all while further developing the idea of enabling one platform for young nomads to live anywhere abroad in a sustainable and unique way using coliving spaces. The busy-bees worked very hard and it all paid off. They received funding!

And that’s where the real work started. The platform had to be developed, our amazing team of employees and interns were hired, and we continued talking to the best people in the coliving sector. YGL was born in May 2020 during an ongoing pandemic and is still going forward.

Follow us and our journey as we want to help you with yours!

The mission

Our mission is to promote the coliving movement globally by making YGL the worldwide, independent co-living platform.

The vision

Our vision is to make co-living more mainstream by arranging the three pillars of living, working and social life. To be able to easily browse, select and book what suits your co-living lifestyle.