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Living the Zoku Style

Imagine staying in a little self-sufficient town, flat bam in the middle of a modern city. Crazy you say? Zoku Amsterdam we say! Reviews rave about Zoku’s modern twist on hospitality and short stays and that when you leave, you will feel fully charged and ready to tackle anything! 

“Zoku (Amsterdam) is a new category in the housing industry: a hybrid of flexible home and office with the services of a hotel and the social buzz of a thriving neighbourhood” – Horecatrends.

Zoku (族) means clan or family in Japanese, which we believe is the perfect description for the community within this coliving home. They combine life, work and play for the globetrotting young professional. Offering them a cosy home, an inspiring office, and most importantly, a chance to feel safe and included in a community when living abroad. Suitable for stays from one night all the way to a few months.

What the Zoku?

Zoku coliver playing guitar in the shared space
Zoku guests spending time on the rooftop terrace


Once you check in at either the service desk or one of the self-check-in kiosks, you can explore more about your new home abroad! Explore Zoku’s bar area, social area, game rooms and music room which are sure to let you relax with friends and have some fun. Their beautiful rooftop garden allows you to take in the sun, sights or do some relaxed work on your laptop. Getting a little hungry? Why not head over to the “living kitchen” where food is served daily from brunch to dinner during the week. Would you prefer to get a little snack and enjoy it in the comfort of your own room? Then the little (almost) everything store will be your next best friend. After such a busy day, you can just melt away in the treatment room, where you can enjoy relaxing massages. Need some calmness and peace while working remotely, don’t worry Zoku has numerous brilliantly designed coworking spaces for the modern-day professional. A place where work, networking and socialising are stimulated.

Zoku coliving cities

Designed in collaboration with Concrete, Zoku offers a relaxed place to live, work and socialize with like-minded people while getting wired into the city. “We want to grow internationally, help build the cities of tomorrow, and push the world forward by creating and operating mixed-use buildings designed specifically for our target audience. We continue to pursue a number of exciting opportunities with developers and investors across Europe, followed by the US and Asia”. – Marc Jongerius, Co-founder

The Netherlands
Zoku Amsterdam Coliving facility
Zoku Amsterdam Coliving rooftop garden


Zoku’s first building is located in central Amsterdam, just a stone’s throw away from public transport and the world-renowned Artis Zoo. “Zoku Amsterdam has been a great market for us to launch in. We’re happy to be based here, and have had an incredible reception from international visitors and crucially the local community too – we’ve taken a plain office building on a stretch of road once voted the “ugliest in Amsterdam”, and transformed it into a thriving neighbourhood spot.


Copenhagen was Zoku’s first location outside of The Netherlands. Now open on Amager Island, Zoku creates a new hub for travellers and locals to meet, collaborate and connect over a cup of coffee. This location has 160 Lofts that come in five different sizes. Offering both style and space consciousness, the Zoku Loft has customizable interiors that shift the focus from the traditional hotel bed to a practical living space. They offer unique ‘Social Spaces’, with a design for coworking, dining, hosting meetings and events, and last but not least, socializing – all located on the 5th-floor rooftop showcasing a picture-perfect view of Copenhagen.


With the same interior design and amenities, the Zoku Vienna opened in June 2021 in the city’s Leopoldstadt district. This property has 131 Lofts in four different room types, some with balconies. This time, WorkZoku and Living Kitchen are positioned on the seventh-floor rooftop, which has views of the Prater amusement park. Martin Oesterreich, general manager of Zoku Vienna, says: 

“The opening of Zoku Vienna represents an attractive new hybrid concept in Vienna that will become a favourite place for guests to stay and the local Viennese public to connect within an international community”.


Zoku has also recently announced its arrival in Paris, France, with the new Zoku scheduled to open in 2021 – beginning in 2022. The new property will be located in the 19th Arrondissement, in the Claude Bernard-MacDonald-Rosa Parks area. The new Zoku is less than 10 minutes from Gare du Nord if you take the metro. The area is called ‘Îlot Fertile’, which is an urban renewal project that wants to transform its industrial past into a safe, green, and connected neighbourhood.

The building will accommodate 129 Zoku Lofts, spread across seven floors. The spaces made for socializing and relaxing are on the first floor with a stunning outdoor patio. Launching in Paris for the first time in Zoku history will be the Pentloft: a mix of a living area, meeting area, and event room.

Zoku coliving rooms

150 Interviews and 6 prototypes created the award-winning Zoku Loft. Think bunk bedrooms and XL lofts with a private kitchen You’ll find a type of accommodation for any kind of global traveller.  It’s an entire apartment’s worth of spaces all combined into one lofty home. The Danish brand HAY was in charge of designing the furniture in the rooms. But guests are invited to add a unique touch to their new home by hanging their own artwork and placing personalized decorations, making the space truly unique. 

“Our interior design was developed in collaboration with Amsterdam-based design firm Concrete. We defined the concept and worked through a whole range of possible designs, looks, and feels to arrive at the final design. We chose a timeless, minimalist look for our furnishings from the Scandinavian design house Muuto”.

Loft rooms

It comes in various sizes ranging from regular to XXL. It’s smart,  private, and customizable, and it comes with residential and business facilities. Instead of a bed, its central feature is a four-person table. Dine, work or just hang out and enjoy open space in a room that feels like home. At hotels, the bed is the centrepiece, but this aspect takes away from the homey feeling. At Zoku, the central table is the eyecatcher and go-to for laptops or candles and a bottle of wine. The Zoku Loft has it all: kitchen, storage spaces, office supplies, and lofted sleeping space with a retractable staircase.

Regular and bootstrap room

Are you looking for a more cosy and practical room? The regular rooms have a TV hanging by the bed for movie nights. A desk is situated right by the windows for the perfect view while working, who doesn’t want that? And, of course, your private shower. Everything you need to feel comfortable living abroad.

The basic but smart option: a bunk-bed room with a bathroom, perfect for resting between meetings and exploring the city of Amsterdam. The best stay for those who know won’t spend much time in their room, but rather touring through the beautiful cities and working at the specially designed spaces.

Zoku and you!

So where does that leave you? Zoku is a place where you are not only welcome daily but also for long periods of time. Travelling alone, or for business, can sometimes be a bit uninspiring and tiring, however at Zoku,, a place that is “furnished to fit and not split” allows one to interact more with their fellow being, rather than a confining four-walls-and-a-roof hotel. 

Zoku’s many partnerships with local events and festivals make it great for locals to spend a night or two here. Attend festivals and such in the local vicinity, spend the weekend here, and then head back home with your social batteries charged while looking back at the perfect work-travel experience. 

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